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  • If public transport is banned in Kashmir, why is no such ban on the highway: Locals ask
  • Is India planning large-scale killings in Kashmir through Hindutva terrorists

A video has gone viral on social media network sites wherein non-local labourers heading towards Kashmir say they have not undergone COVID19 test has left people here worried. The administration says that the necessary protocol is being followed.

In the video, a bus can be seen halted somewhere on the Srinagar-Jammu national highway while on the way to Kashmir. One of the passengers says he is from Uttar Pradesh and hasn’t been tested for COVID19. Many others say the same while some can be seen not answering the question from the person shooting the video. Besides men, women and kids too can be seen travelling in the bus.

The video has been shared by hundreds of people and they have expressed their concern over the issue.

Every year, thousands of non-locals would throng Kashmir in the month of March-April to earn their living by engaging themselves in various jobs.

However this year due to Covid19 lockdown, the labourers the coming late.

Labour department officials said that over 10000 non-local labourers from different states have come to the valley during the last week. Everyday, over 60 buses cross the Jawahar tunnel carrying labourers.

“If public transport is banned in Kashmir, why is no such ban on the highway?” a local resident asked.

Deputy Commissioner Anantnag, K K Sidha, told that sampling of these labourers is being carried out. “I can’t vouch for that video, but we carry out sampling,” Sidha said.

He said sampling of over 10000 labourers had been carried out. “Till their results come, they are kept in isolation,” he said.

Is India planning large-scale killings in Kashmir through Hindutva terrorists

As part of genocidal plans in Kashmir, a massive anti-Muslim pogrom through a well-trained force of Hindutva terrorists is in the works.

In this regard, sources in the have told that more than 30,000 Hindutva trained terrorists have arrived in Kashmir during the past two weeks as many more are on their way through the road and by air. This is happening while the Indian army led a crackdown against the Kashmiri Muslims post-August 05, last year is completing one year that has been intensified in the guise of fighting Covid-19. The Indian military and paramilitary forces have sealed hundreds of towns and villages and forced millions of Kashmiris indoors justifying these draconian measures as precautionary to fight against the expanding pandemic.

The sources revealed that amid this serious crackdown on the public movement, the Indian army is transporting thousands of Hindutva affiliated terrorists through buses and aircraft on a daily basis. These people affiliated with various Hindu terror groups such as RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, Hindu Vahini, and Panun Kashmir are trained in the use of swords and firearms as well as arson and lynching as demonstrated by the anti-Muslim riots in New Delhi in early February this year. The Hindutva terror groups in collaboration with the police killed scores of Muslims and maimed hundreds, and burned Muslim properties including mosques and shrines in the Indian capital where the administration openly demonstrated a partisan behavior in favour of these Hindu thugs.

The Kashmiris fear that India’s Hindutva inspired government is planning a pogrom through rioting against the indigenous Muslim population to pave way for a large-scale ingress of the Hindutva population. This would fulfill the long-cherished Indian designs to render the Muslim majority into a minority, a preferred method as enunciated by various Hindutva terror groups in the last decade.

According to a local police officer, the large-scale ingress of the Hindutva terrorists is being directly supervised by Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, and Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh. What is scary, according to the police official, is that these Hindutva terrorists are being accommodated inside the Indian army cantonments and camps that are dotted across the Kashmir valley. They are reported to be going through a daily training regime where the army personnel is giving them presentations on the local milieu.

A journalist also confirmed the reports of a large-scale entry of the Hindutva terrorists that has provoked panic among the local Muslim community. He claimed this widespread belief that the government might use these terror militias to start forcibly emptying out various villages that fall under the traditional route for annual Amarnath Yatra, a Hindu pilgrimage that has of late been weaponized.

Another rumor swirling in Srinagar is that the Indian intelligence might cause a false-flag terror operation on the Yatra pilgrims as the Hindutva youth are being trained in the army camps on how to exact an act of large scale revenge on unsuspecting Kashmiri civilians in retaliation.

Waseem Hassan a Kashmiri traveling by air from Delhi to Srinagar reported on social media that he saw an unusually large number of non-Kashmiris on the flight who claimed to have come to attend a computer course, a claim that would not hold water even at a cursory glance. Hassan revealed that out of all the passengers only four were Kashmiris. “Out of curiosity, I asked a few of them what is the purpose of your visit amid this chaotic situation and most of them answered that we are here for computer courses. All the educational institutions are shut. I just wonder who conducts these courses”, asked Hassan.