May 12, 2021

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New power schedule for winters assures “The lowest curtailment schedule in a decade” curtailment

The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation has come up with a new curtailment schedule for winters, terming it as “the lowest curtailment schedule in a decade”.

As per the schedule, there will be only two to three-hour daily curtailment in metered areas and three to four-hour curtailment in non-metered areas.

Chief Engineer, Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation (KPDC), Aijaz Ahmed Dar, said that it will be the lowest curtailment schedule in a decade.

“We have tried our best to resort to least curtailment hours and that is why as per this schedule the curtailment will be the lowest. In order to continue with the least curtailment, we need active cooperation from our consumers,” Dar said.

“The main two issues we face in the peak of winter is use of crude gadgets especially heating gadgets and second service line, which is totally wrong. We want consumers to be cooperative so that we can give our best service”, he said.

The chief engineer KPDCL said that this year they are going to reduce the curtailment by two hours in central and south Kashmir, which “is a big improvement”.

It is relevant to mention that last year around 1250 MWs were being supplied during winter. “This year the supply has jumped to1500 MWs,” officials said.

They said that the daily consumption of power in Kashmir stood at 270 lakh units last year, while as this year it is 300 lakh units.

As per the last year schedule, there was seven to eight hour curtailment in metered areas, and nine to ten hour curtailment in non-metered areas.

The chief engineer KPDCL said that that the new schedule will be implemented in next two days. “The department,” he said, “has increased the ground checks to counter the power theft.”

“If consumers use power carefully especially during morning and evening hours, we won’t have to resort to more curtailments,” he said.