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Entire Kargil district under occupation of Army: MLA Kargil

Village in Turtuk still part of Pakistan in revenue records: Namgyal

Entire Kargil district under occupation of Army - MLA KargilA Congress lawmaker on Saturday said entire Kargil district was under the occupation of Army.
Speaking in the Legislative Assembly, MLA Kargil Asgar Ali Karbalie said Army is neither paying compensation nor rent for thousands of Kanals occupied by them in the district. “They have occupied the entire district,” Karbalie alleged.
The lawmaker asked the J&K Government to recover rent and cost of the land from Army.
“They have purchased land in the district despite being non-state subjects. Government should tell us how they can purchase land despite being non-state subjects,” he said.
Another Congress lawmaker from the region claimed that a village in his Assembly segment was still part of Pakistan in the revenue records. MLA Nobra, Delden Namgayal, said Tyakshi village in Turtuk area was still part of Pakistan.
“The land settlement records still show that the village is part of Pakistan,” he said, adding, “Residents of the village get state subject certificates only after submitting affidavits that they are citizens of India.”
On June 4, Namgyal while speaking in the Assembly had expressed gratitude to Pakistan and China, saying that it is because of these two countries that development is taking place in his constituency.
“Defence forces are buildings roads in Nobra because Pakistan and China are on the other side of the border. So I thank China and Pakistan for development in my area,” he had said.