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Kashmiri's in police, security forces on hit list - Intel report

Kashmiri's in police, security forces on hit list - Intel report

Kashmiri’s in Police, Security Forces on hit list: Intel Report

Intelligence agencies have sounded alert that ISI-backed terror outfits are now planning to execute targeted killings of Kashmiris working in the government departments and police and security forces.

Sources in the security establishment said backed by Pakistan’s ISI, the terror groups had given instructions to their trained members on the ground to target Kashmiris working with the forces and intelligence agencies, besides those associated with the BJP and RSS.

The sources said the agencies had gathered “decoded intercepts” of conversations between ISI functionaries and heads of terror outfits. These intercepts revealed that a “hit-list” of 200 people had been prepared to create tension in the Valley.

The list included names of media personnel, who they considered close to the government, and informers of the Indian security agencies. The list also included names of many Kashmiri Pandits lending active support to the return of their community members to the Valley, the sources said.

There is also an alert with regard to terror outfits identifying and using killers not under the watch of the security forces. To support these activities, the groups are consistently making efforts to smuggle pistols and grenades from across the LoC.