Do not politicise incidents involving Kashmiris: Omar Abdullah

Don’t Politicise Incidents Involving Kashmiris: Omar Abdullah

Lashing out at those giving political colour to every incident involving Kashmiris, chief minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said it creates a negative impact on the mindset of the people.

“There are people here who want to give political colour to everything. In Hyderabad a boy (Mudassir Kamran) commits suicide on personal reasons and in Kashmir it is tried to be analysed in a different way. As if he was murdered”, Omar said.

Kamran, a Kashmiri student, was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room in Hyderabad last month.

Omar along with Union minister of rural development Jairam Ramesh was here today to distribute offer letters to the trainees under the centrally sponsored ‘Himayat’ scheme at a valedictory function organised at Jammu University.

Pointing out at the another incident in Bangalore, in which some boys from Kashmir were beaten up, Omar said,” Recently in Bangalore, the fight took place because they (Kahsmiri boys) were making fun of children from Bihar, if they would not have been doing that probably the incident would not have taken place”.

But, “Some of our people here tried to give it a different colour — these children were from Kashmir, they were racially profiled and wherever they go they are beaten.”

“To say that these children were from Kashmir and that is why they were beaten is totally wrong,” Omar said.

The CM added such statements were having a negative impact on the mindset of people who think of moving out of the state for various purposes.

“The result is that our people who think of moving out of the state, they start thinking again on their decision. We will have to take some preventions in this regard. Every incident cannot be given political colour,” Omar said.

He, however, reiterated that people from other states should not see Kashmiris through the prism of terrorism.

“In every internal security conference, I request my counterparts from other states to please don’t see every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir through the prism of terrorism.” Omar said.

“Every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir is not terrorist. He does not come (to your state) with the intention of attack. If they come, they come under compulsion or for their benefit,” he reiterated.

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