Minorities worried after armed rallies by saffron groups: Jammu Muslim Front

Jammu Muslim Front (JMF) today condemned administration for allowing armed rallies on the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh.
As per press statement, Front chairman, Shuja Zaffar and its president Imran Qazi said that many deputations have met them in their office and expressed their concern over growing sense of insecurity among the minorities.

“The government should investigation as to why these armed rallies were allowed. I don’t know whether the administration would have allowed similar armed rallies if anyone had tried to do so. How can they turn their blind eyes towards the safety of the minorities,” said the Front leaders in a statement.
They said that youth carrying swords and guns during motor car rally has put a question mark on the administration as well as on the police force whether they can hand them in case they would have went violent.
“Many have seen these armed rallies as threat to minorities and no one is ready to question them. The administration instead of implementing law and order facilitated the rally. Such rallies have become a symbol of threat to other communities. In democratic system, the administration should be run under the law not with the swords or guns,” they said while expressing their strong resentment.

They said that this is not the first time they have witnessed such a rally. It has become order of the day. “We think, Government lacks will to control such rallies. What we are giving to our young generation? Is promotion of hate against others is our priority or showing others that we are superior then others? Are we really living in a democratic society or in a system where minorities have to live a scary life which we have seen gradually developing in Jammu? Government must wake up before it is too late,” they cautioned.

They said that Jammu Muslims have seen worst kind of massacre in world history and same situation should be prevented by the government with its serious and logical efforts.

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