Alliance pushing state into chaos and confusion over delay in implementing GST: Congress

Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma today said that collation government is pushing state into chaos and confusion by deliberate delay over the implementation of GST regime.
Taking a dig at BJP , Sharma also said that , “they should explain it own position over the unanimous cabinet decision of 14 th October, 2016 over the issue of GST in the State before blaming the opposition and other for the delay in its implementation”.

Sharma also questioned the intention behind creating uncertainty, confusion and artificial contradiction and delay in the implementation of new Tax regime, when both the partners PDP-BJP have been on the same page.
“The two coalition partners are out to mislead and befool their respective electorate by adopting the mode of passing the resolution in the assembly without any legal or constitutional requirement,” Sharma added.
Sharma also said that, “PDP wants to play with the sentiments of safeguarding the article 370 without owning the extension of Central legislation upon itself only, the BJP wants to hide its surrender of ideology and philosophy over Article 370 but the recording of Cabinet decision expose the game plan and the present course being adopted just to hoodwink people by coalition partners to save their Government trough eye wash exercise and escape the blame for the confusion and chaos”.