Assembly polls test for people’s wisdom: Mufti

Says PM should revive Kashmir resolution process
Seeking decisive mandate for his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Monday said the forthcoming Assembly elections are a test for the wisdom and foresight of people.
“These elections will be historically transformational as they are being contested in a situation marked by extraordinary political permutations. The challenge lies in converting these polls into a momentous opportunity for not only bringing about inclusive socio-economic development across the state, but reviving the resolution and reconciliation process for the permanent settlement of the Kashmir issue,” Sayeed said, interacting with people during his extensive tour of various areas of Anantnag (Islamabad) district in south Kashmir.
He also called upon India’s political leadership especially the Prime Minister NarendraModi to “make a renewed beginning towards the resolution of Kashmir issue by engaging with all the stakeholders, both on internal and external fronts.”
“We are at a crossroads of a historic moment for change and it’s for the emancipated people of the State to decide which party has the courage and the commitment to address their political and economic concerns resolutely,” he said.
Sayeed said the plethora of problems facing the state today have to be taken head-on and PDP would need a decisive mandate to be able to
address them and take them up with the national leadership.
He said J&K “today needs not just a change of government but an overhaul of the system of governance.”
“The systemic transformation that PDP wants to bring about will be to create a responsive and responsible political structure, productive economic setup and supportive social fabric,” he said and added it could be possible only if the party gets a decisive mandate.
“The results of the LokSabha polls have made it amply clear that the people of the State have come together with their powerful voice and have expressed their will unambiguously. They have affirmed our course. They have told us to move forward,” he said, adding, “The upcoming Assembly elections offer a great opportunity for consolidating this movement for change so that PDP could accomplish its unfinished agenda of ushering J&K into an era of lasting peace, durable stability and inclusive prosperity.” Terming the NC-Congress coalition regime as “the darkest era of governance” in the State, Sayeed said J&K has been “pushed into a virtual morass during the past six years due to administrative ineptitude and lack of political understanding.” “There is chaos and anarchy all around with every section of the society having suffered immensely during the past six years of mis-governance,” he said and added it was “ironic that this government which enjoyed unprecedented support from stakeholders in power failed to secure a single benefit for the people of the state while it did everything to reverse the atmosphere of positivity that the PDP led government had been able to generate in a brief period.”
Sayeed said on the other hand PDP government between 2002 and 2005 “scripted a new chapter of peace and development in the state and the party not only revived people’s trust in the democratic institutions, but set an example of honesty and transparency in the governance system while facilitating Kashmir resolution process both on internal and external fronts.”
Sayeed expressed the hope that armed with a clear mandate, the NarendraModi-led government at the Centre would revive the peace and resolution process not only within Kashmir but with Pakistan as well to ensure durable peace and stability in the South Asian region. “I am optimistic that the new government at the Centre will pick up and carry forward the resolution process both on internal and external fronts which was pioneered by AtalBihari Vajpayee in 2003 and taken onward by DrManmohan Singh,” he said and added: “I hope the new government, under the leadership of Modi, will take tangible measures, by involving all the stakeholders, to address the causes of alienation and trust deficit in Kashmir and work towards finding a long-lasting solution to the problem plaguing the region for the past more than six decades.”
He said while PDP would continue to act as a facilitator for resolving the Kashmir issue and the issues confronting Jammu and Kashmir, the party would carry forward its agenda of political resolution, economic development, good governance, justice and merit.”

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