Modi’s approach to Kashmir ‘biased’

‘Int’l community wants to help Kashmiri people’

Calling Prime Minister as a ‘fascist’, State Congress president, Prof Saifuddin Soz Monday alleged that Narendra Modi was not interested in providing relief to the flood-hit people of Kashmir.
“Let me make it clear that international community is eager and ready to help people of Kashmir. If Modi doesn’t want to help Kashmiri people then he has no right to bar international agencies to supply aid to flood victims of Kashmir,” Soz told CNS, adding that Modi was doing only lip-service and all his tall claims proved hollow.
State Congress president alleged that Modi was fuelling regional and religious divide. “His approach towards Kashmir and Kashmiri people is biased. People of Kashmir can get more aid from international community than present Indian government. It is irony that neither Modi himself is ready to help people of Kashmir nor is he allowing international community to come forward for the help,” Soz said.
He further said what happened in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler is bound to happen in India, if people of India instead of casting their vote for a party, cast it in favour of an individual. “India will pay huge cost, if Modi continues to pursue biased and divisive policies,” he said.
He said Kashmir has suffered immensely by way of loss to life, property and resources during the floods and unfortunately, the Government of India has nothing to offer to the tormented people. “BJP seems to have shut its eyes on Kashmir,” he said and added that an impression was going around that “being a Muslim majority state, J&K is being singled out for discrimination by the BJP government.”CNS

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