Srinagar Traffic Police issues advisory for motorists ahead of G20 in Kashmir

Traffic Police Srinagar has issued an advisory for motorists in view of upcoming G-20 meetings scheduled to be held at SKICC on 22nd & 23rd May, 2023.

As a large number of delegates from India and abroad are expected to attend the meetings and in order to avoid congestion on various routes during this period, the following route plan/advisory has been issued for the general public to avoid any inconvenience.

On 22nd May 2023, traffic movement on Boulevard from Nehru Park and Gupkar upto Kralsangri shall be restricted from 1030 Hrs. till 2200 Hrs, traffic police said in a statement.

On 23rd May 2023, traffic movement on Boulevard from Nehru Park and Gupkar up to Kralsangri shall be restricted from 0800 Hrs. till 2200 Hrs. All such motorists intending to travel towards Nishat, Shalimar & Harwan are advised to adopt the alternate road from Dalgate, Rainawari, Hazratbal route instead of Boulevard Road axis.

Traffic assistance points for all such vehicles will be at Badyari Chowk, Nehru Park, Gupkar, Kralsangri & Nishat for ensuring smooth movement towards Nishat, Shalimar & Harwan, it said.

Likewise, motorists intending to travel from Harwan-Shalimar-Nishat and other adjacent areas towards Lal-Chowk have been advised to travel via Foreshore- Hazratbal route instead of Nishat-Boulevard Road axis to reach their respective destinations.

“Traffic assistance points for all such vehicles shall be placed at Shalimar, Nishat, Kralsangri, Habbak Crossing, Duck Park & Habak crossing for ensuring smooth movement towards Lal Chowk”.

Tourists intending to visit Mughal Gardens & other destinations have been advised to follow the traffic advisory.

Locals and tourists from Nehru Park should use Gagribal, Buchwara road and Exit via Dalgate, likewise one way shall be followed from UNO office, CD Hospital upto Nehru Park.

Motorists intending to travel from Gulab Bagh-Zakoora-Naseembagh-Habbak and adjacent areas should adopt Habak – Dargah- Khanyar route to reach Lal Chowk instead of Foreshore Road.

Motorists have been advised to park their vehicles at designated parking places only and avoid parking their vehicles on roadside. “Wrongly parked vehicles will be towed”, it added.

“Emergencies shall be allowed to take the shortest route. In case any assistance is required, citizens are requested to contact traffic Police at the traffic Police Control Room No 103”, the statement said.

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