Fast Forward to a Smoother Ride: Overnight Repairs Close Jammu-Srinagar Highway

The Srinagar- Jammu National Highway remained open during the day today, however, it was closed this evening for scheduled night road repair works between Nashri and Banihal sectors in Ramban district on Saturday evening, traffic authorities said.

They said the National Highway was closed for every type of traffic movement for road repair works between Nashri and Banihal in Ramban district, on Saturday at 7 pm, at Qazigund Kashmir, 6 pm, at Nagrota, Jammu and at 7 pm, at Udhampur.

However, road traffic between Udhampur and Banihal is being cleared. They said traffic will remain suspended on Saturday night and it will resume on Sunday morning till the restoration work is completed between Nashri and Banihal in Ramban district.

Traffic authorities in Ramban said both sides’ traffic was suspended on the recommendations of the National Highway Authority of India, (NHAI). They said NHAI has intimated that urgent repair/maintenance has to be carried out on highway between Ramban and Banihal during the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday.

For this purpose, all types of vehicular movement were suspended on Saturday night. They advised commuters and vehicle operators to avoid journeys on highway till the road repair work is completed on Sunday morning.

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